Yachting Buoy Design Website launched

Mara is recently launched company By George Smith, based in Aberdeen, Scotland, that has just launched a new yachting Buoy design – stripped down starting from scratch – for the big yachting world.

It is simply called: BUOY.

We wanted the Yachting Buoy Design Website to reflect George’s passion for Yachting and the attention to detail and craft involved in the new yachting Buoy design.

We went for big bold dynamic front page with a buoy that subtly moves down through a cutaway view of the sea – as the user scrolls down the page.    We used this same effect with the buoy engineering drawing on specs page.

Using photoshop to layer the mockup, we then added some javascript code to 3 layers – 1. sea background, 2. with a front layer of opaque sea and 3. the buoy element to float in the middle.

Also as the story is always an important part of any website or company – but particularly so with new startups like George’s Mara – and even more so when it involves a new innovative design like a completely new kind of yachting buoy, so we spent a bit of time creating a story page that we thought might reflect this.

Smiles all round. Very happy client! (:-)


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