360 VR: The Loch

Project: 360 VR of Loch an Eilein

Location: Cairngorm Highlands, Scotland

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(best using headphones | large screen)

HDR Photo Shoot – at a favourite place of mine: a breathtaking Loch called: Loch an Eilein (gaelic: loch of the island).    It looks amazing, with its 13th century island castle in the background – and (very lucky for us) we managed to get a ‘sunny’ day in the Scottish highlands for this one.

  • 3 separate exposures were taken for each shot – 36 photos in total for one 360 panorama- using a Ninja Tripod Adaptor and Canon with fish eye lens.
  • Next we colour corrected, edited, patched up, then painstakingly stitched by hand into an eyepoppingly detailed 360 scene.
  • Finally, we mixed this with some Javascript code to render this online.

Sound: Field recording of background sound, insects and birds using a zoom H6 field recorder – recorded at exact time of Photoshoot -was then added to complete the project.

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