MacDuff video Promo: Local Hero

MacDuff video Promo  Aim: to attract GPs to the delights of working in the north of scotland. Interesting fact: it Included the Penan phone box (from the cult film ‘local hero’) – see if you can spot it. Got to travel all over the place interviewing and lots of filming on sunny days. Got to write my first film soundtrack with ‘orchestration’ and guitary backing music was fun too – woopee. Special cheers to my chum Paul for all his bonny accordion grace notes in it and Dod for his surf and drone footage – especially that drone shot at the… Read more »

Yachting Buoy Design Website launched

Mara is recently launched company By George Smith, based in Aberdeen, Scotland, that has just launched a new yachting Buoy design – stripped down starting from scratch – for the big yachting world. It is simply called: BUOY. We wanted the Yachting Buoy Design Website to reflect George’s passion for Yachting and the attention to detail and craft involved in the new yachting Buoy design. We went for big bold dynamic front page with a buoy that subtly moves down through a cutaway view of the sea – as the user scrolls down the page.    We used this same effect with the… Read more »

Training Video

Created a Screencast with fiona – for Transition Scotland – to help their staff get to grips with the  ‘commmunity’  features of the new site we just built for them.

Video is a great way to communicate ‘how-to’ stuff.   See for yourself.